For product innovation, we will make use of our more than 30 years of rich experiences and excellent research competence for collaborative research and innovation on our current automatic control equipment and power distribution facilities as we track upon various hierarchies who make use of these tools, and innovate high quality and outstanding products to open up door that leads to marketing to the world.

For quality policy, we have resorted to various kinds of testing and instruments for quality control and testing of products to ensure the stability, safety, and life-span of quality. In addition, we also possess cooperation from satellite factories of powerful production lineup with top quality and high efficiency. In the future Tong Chuan Electric will be more active to strengthen its quality control, increase productivity, beautify its outlook, and cope with ISO quality control management system, and also continue to apply for certification of product safety requirement in various countries as we make ever increasing betterment, making contributions to the needs of the trade.

For customer service, Tong Chuan Electric will strengthen its internal resources of the company and cooperation of organization teams to enhance its good delivery efficiency and complete after-sale service, thus achieving the ultimate goal of honoring our customers as our foremost priority. As such, Tong Chuan Electric can grow in stability, and render ever more contributions of the community.

Tong Chuan Electric will continue to head towards the approach of diversified product, internationalized enterprise, and diversified industry for developments as it builds up its stature in the trade.