Released date 2009/11/11 Revised date
Category Digital Multimeter
Model TDM9648-KW1
Name 96×48 KW Single Phase Power Meter
Display: Red high efficiency LED high 14.22mm (.56")
Accuracy: ±0.5% ±2digit
Operating Condition: -10℃~50℃ (20% to 90% RH non-condensed)
Dielectric Strength: AC 2KV/1min
Aux. Power: AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Measurement Range: Display single phase power.
Input Current: For current AC 5A, the meter can be used directly.
For current above 5A, Current Transformer (C.T.) must e used.
The following are the available C.T. Ratios:
10A/5A, 15A/5A, 20A/5A, 25A/5A, 30A/5A, 40A/5A, 50A/5A, 60A/5A, 70A/5A, 75A/5A, 80A/5A, 100A/5A, 120A/5A, 150A/5A, 160A/5A, 200A/5A, 250A/5A, 300A/5A, 400A/5A, 500A/5A, 600A/5A, 700A/5A, 750A/5A, 800A/5A, 1kA/5A, 1.2kA/5A, 1.5kA/5A, 1.6kA/5A, 2kA/5A, 2.5kA/5A, 3kA/5A, 4kA/5A, 5kA/5A, 6kA/5A, 7kA/5A, 7.5kA/5A, 8kA/5A.
Input Voltage: AC50-600V



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